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About Me

Geek, Random, Startups Lover, Web Ninja ... oh!, Engineer too.

So, who am I?

Although with no formal studies on User Experience and Interaction Design (yet), these are 2 of my passions. I try to use all I know about the subjects in each and every project I get to work on. A Startup Weekend Facilitator. An avid reader. A (hopefully) good writer. And decent cinematographer.

Want to know a bit more?

What do I do?

Write, Film, Improv, Code.


I write whenever I can. Personally, publicly sometimes and most of my stories with intention to film.


I've begun to work on some films. As soon as they're done you'll be able to see them here. From Stop-motion to budgeted ones.


I have been doing improv for 2 years now. It's something I thoroughly love and recommend.


Well, I did graduate with a CS degree, you know? So I do code too!

Still curious?


Writing & Coding



Some shenanigans


Some Done. Some In Progress.


I take pictures as a hobby, you can check those or some videos either on Flickr, YouTube or here. The local portfolio is currently under construction. I'll add the link soon! Stay tuned.


I don't blog, per se. I just write things online...sparingly.

Can we do movies like we do startups?

A random question, to a serious business.

Hey…wanna read my screenplay?

No, seriously…

Call Me, Maybe?

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Live, from New York!