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About Me

Well, the long version is in Aramaic so let's do the short one...

So, who am I?

Geek, Nerd, Filmmaker, Whovian ... oh!, Engineer too. I'm truly a consummated geek, amateur everything else. An avid reader. A (hopefully) good writer and director.


What do I do?

Write, Film, Improv, Code.


I have an unedited novel somewhere on my hard drive and I have 1 completed short film and other stuff I'm working on.


I've taken photography as a hobby. I do enjoy self-teaching and learning from people around me.


I currently am running a cooking startup called Toque Blanco in Mexico City. Feel free to check it out!


I have a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science. That's fun and all as a job, but I also recently started working alongside a friend on a Pokédex for iOS.


Writing & Coding



Some shenanigans


Some Done. Some In Progress.


I take pictures as a hobby, you can check those or some videos either on Flickr, YouTube or here. The local portfolio is currently under construction. I'll add the link soon! Stay tuned.


I don't blog, per se. I just write things online...sparingly.

Can we do movies like we do startups?

A random question, to a serious business.

Hey…wanna read my screenplay?

No, seriously…

Call Me, Maybe?

Want to chat? Have a question? Got a joke? Hit me up!

Live, from New York!